4th to 6th of June 2020

Time until application deadline

Deadline for registration for all countries (excluding Czech Republic) is 30th April 2020.
Please complete the FRF application form at:

Registration fee

40 € for the first routine
20 € for each routine after that
(coaches will no longer be charged 40 € registration)


  • Hotels in the venue are booked for all competitors. You will receive the booking link in advance. As there are other international events in Ostrava, there is no need to look for another hotel - everything will be full and expensive.

The link and the reservation page are being prepared, thank you for your understanding.


GONG, Ruská 2993, 703 00 Ostrava-Vítkovice, Czech Republic


Estimated timetable of the event is:

Thursday 4th of JuneArrival and registration of delegations and Judges
Floor testing
Preliminaries of Cadet & Junior women categories
Friday 5th of JuneRest of preliminaries and semi-finals
Saturday 6th of JuneAll the finals

FISAF Open European Fitness Championship

Who is OPEN for?

  • FISAF Open European Fitness Championship is defined as; an official FISAF Championship where athletes from all member countries can compete, not just European countries. Athletes from European countries must be selected by their own country to compete in this event. Non-European athletes do not have to be selected by their country to compete and they cannot be awarded an official FISAF European Champion title. For this event, (Open EFC 2020), the number of entries per country will be three.

Organizational team

Český svaz aerobiku a fitness
Ohradsné náměstí 1628/7A, Praha 5, 155 00

Director of the competition: Jitka Literová

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